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Is video set to elbow out newspapers?

Newsnight had a fascinating and (for a print geek like me) faintly depressing debate about the future of newspapers last night featuring a starry panel of newspaper editors, a Google bod and the BBC’s director general Mark Thompson. Watch the … Continue reading

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Who does online video exclude?

Right now Colonel Gadaffi is making a speech and I wish I was streaming it live online, watching it alongside my Twitter stream, Guardian liveblog and all my other multi-tasking, attention-shredding ways of following breaking events.

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Time to face the facts. Social revolution has changed the way we live

A man in Egypt has called his first born daughter, Facebook, to mark his country’s recent revolution. A guy in my class yesterday was laughing so much, he couldn’t talk properly for a minute. I couldn’t help but laugh too after he told me. I can’t imagine … Continue reading

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Citizen journalism sheds light on Libya’s unrest

With foreign journalists banned from the country and local journalists being prevented from travelling to the area, it’s hard to get a sense of how Libya’s pro-democracy protests are unfolding. Grainy mobile phone footage is almost the only eyewitness evidence … Continue reading

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“The camera makes everyone a tourist”

Another day where I’m full of thoughts on online video journalism, and this time they are far too complicated. I watched a clip on youtube yesterday that featured a quote from Susan Sontag, an American author and political activist. It … Continue reading

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Online video journalism- is it the way forward?

Today, I’m just full of opinion….so bare with me as I try to explain my complicated thoughts. I’ve come to the conclusion, that the more ‘citizen journalism’ grows on youtube or elsewhere- the more there is pressure on media outlets … Continue reading

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citizen journalism- youtube clip

I seem to be stuck on the idea of citizen journalism today, but this clip has some nice points about the role of video

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