“The camera makes everyone a tourist”

Another day where I’m full of thoughts on online video journalism, and this time they are far too complicated.

I watched a clip on youtube yesterday that featured a quote from Susan Sontag, an American author and political activist. It was when I read an article on the BBC about the situation in Libya, and watched the video uploaded there today, that I realised she couldn’t be more spot on.

She said: “Essentially the camera makes everyone a tourist in other people’s reality.”

All I had to do was click the play button and the violence, the protesting, the fear was all in front of me. Why do videos online make us feel closer to what is going on around the world, than when we watch it on TV? If you ask me, there is a video overload online. I can tell you what is going on in Libya just as if I were living there.  

Since I heard that quote I’ve started to think about online video journalism like this: The video uploaded is the country. the viewer is the tourist. And the news from it is the weather, because its constantly changing. This may seem funny or stupid even, but for example: The online video content available on the Egyptian protests started: windy, then cloudy, then rain, then thunder, and BOOM- sunshine. Do you see my point? We were constantly seeing the changes in Egypt online, just as we were on TV and newspapers, except the difference is- the Internet gave us more videos to look at to feel closer to what’s happening.

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