What makes good video journalism?

How Liveblogging is Changing Journalism

What makes good journalism? Is the sort of question that makes me cringe and try to escape the room. However, I’m intrigued about what makes a good piece of video journalism. Is it just the same old principles of good journalism- but ‘on film’?

Google has found an article that promises to answer all such video-riddled questions……………

The Digital Journalist,  suggests decent video journalism requires the following:

-a narrative arc (i.e. make sure there is a story, rather than a home video of you and your mates drawing shapes on each other’s faces with mayonnaise)

-don’t cram the video with ‘wallpaper’ (visual ‘filler’ of people walking etc, to pad out time while the voiceover/narration continues)

-‘Show not tell’ and make the film self-contained – rather than relying on accompanying text or explanations

Of the pieces I’ve seen online, work on the VJ movement website seems to be following these principles most effectively:

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