An academic take on ‘multimedia journalism’

I discovered this article in the City University library whilst browsing for academic articles on video journalism. It’s written by Mark Deuze (profile here), an academic at Indiana University specialising in convergence in creative industries and journalism.

Although the article doesn’t focus specifically on video, it raises some interesting points about an integrated future for journalism that are worth taking a look at. One of them is as follows:

An institutional perspective allows us to look at multimedia jouranlism as an ongoing contest between the seemingly inevitable road towards some kind of convergence between formerly distinct (parts of) companies, including newsrooms, marketing and technical departments – and legal or ethical questions of access, diversity and labor.

Deuze goes on to point on that the evolution taking place in newsrooms is rendered even more dynamic by the fact that most of them have no established strategy for this ongoing development, and are essentially conducting it ‘on the fly’.

It’s worth noting that this was written in 2004 – and yet much of its discussion of ‘convergence’ still seems relevant to newsrooms today. As technology becomes more and more accessible, and news-consuming audiences grow more and more comfortable with an integration of written, audio, video and interactive journalistic content, it’s going to become more and more important for both established news organisations and start-ups to have a solid strategy in mind for adopting new technologies and publishing a variety of media.


Deuze, M., 2004. What is multimedia journalism?. Journalism Studies, 5(2), pp.139-152

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