Snake attacks girl on a Dutch TV show

According to the Telegraph, a female contestant from a Dutch reality TV show was attacked by a snake leaving her in hospital for a few days for observation.

The contestant, Ymke Wieringa was taking part in RTL- ‘Real Girls in the Jungle’- a show consisting of a group of girls that compete against each other in daring or scary tasks.

She tried to pick up a boa constrictor from a box after the other girls backed out, but ended up in serious pain after the snake bit her and constricted her arm.

Four members of the show rushed to get it off her. Click on the link to watch the horrific video.

Its fascinating that a clip like that can travel around the world in a matter of seconds from the minute its uploaded. Online newspapers, such as the Telegraph pick it up, and with a click of a finger- everyone is talking about it.

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