VJ Training at New York magazine

New York, a weekly lifestyle and culture magazine focusing on – you guessed it – New York, is holding a two-day video journalism training seminar.

However, the New York Observer’s Media Mob blog claims that this odd, because New York is a magazine, and magazines are notorious for having compatibility issues with video.

In my opinion, this is the kind of event that journalistic establishments should be running – video is a great way to bolster your web traffic, and the more journos out there with experience in the field, the better.

Additionally, Media Mob’s suggestion that New York might only be doing it for the money seems extremely unfair – surely most of the revenue raised will go to the private VJ training company running the event? It’s also not true to say that New York has very little video on their website – at a cursory glance I can see over 1,500 videos in their fashion section alone.


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