Careless tweeting costs jobs

by anoki120 at flickr

The London University academic who posted derogatory comments on Twitter about a TV reporter who was sexually assaulted in Egypt has resigned.

Nir Rosen, 33, said CBS’s Lara Logan would “become a martyr and glorified” and was “probably just groped” during an attack by a 200-strong mob in Cairo.

His not so well crafted words had earlier cost him his job at New York University and now he has left LSE. A spokesperson for LSE had previously confirmed their disapproval of his “offensive” comments but refused to say if they had led to his departure.

Whilst agreeing with the view that his comments were offensive, and speaking as a woman, I am not sure I am totally happy about comments on Twitter having this sort of impact. What is the point of having such social-networking forums if, what may have been, honestly held beliefs can come back to haunt you.

Were his comments really so terrible that they needed to cost him his job?

Another reason for me not to join the tweeting classes..

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