Top ten video journalism sites

It’s dawned on me that I may not be the only one with no prior experience video, but an interest in the camera Harajuku

During my crash-course look at video journalism, I’ve encountered many sites with useful titbits- and others that promised much and delivered little.

So, I thought it would be useful to put together a list of sites/articles that helped me get my noggin around this subject [in no particular order] :

1)  IMVideo Journalism blog – Not sure whether it’s my old age, but I find the format of the blog a bit confusing, but there are some really well-informed articles on the future of video. Particularly a recent piece on the future of web video, found here

2] VJ Movement– probably praised them too many times now

3)      Fellow blogger, Alice Ross, has already praised the BBC College of Journalism website. Perfect for those planning to go out with a camera but a little unsure about what to do once it’s turned on.

4)   Another blog, News Videographer has a nice mix of information about theory around video, available technology and even job postings (in the U.S.)

5]   Digital Journalist’s ten tips for dramatically improving your video journalism stories by Ken Kobre and Jerry Lazar.  At first glance this list can seem a bit patronising, i.e. remember to find a story, do a good interview.But it reminds you to stand back and remember that fundamentals of good journalism still apply when shooting a video.

Also places good emphasis on making sure the video journalism can stand independent from text.

6)      This clip was filmed during an event with the content collective and the BBC college of Journalism.  It features a range of professionals in the industry considering what video journalism is. Some people are using the word ‘art’, others are sticking pretty closely to terms like ‘documentary’. Worth a peep

7) This blog post from online journalism looks at the different types of video journalism – i.e. edited, ‘personal accounts’. Not new or earth shattering info, but concise.

8)  Youtube –too obvious? Sure, but I can’t be the only one who didn’t realise the wealth of current affairs/news footage on there –I assumed it was all dancing cats and laughing babies

9)  Again, has already been highlighted on this site- but good place to see some original  footage

10) Journalism in motion….couldn’t resist

Let me know if I’ve missed any corkers

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4 Responses to Top ten video journalism sites

  1. Andy says:

    Nice blog.

    You should also check out a yahoo group called newspaper video ( It’s run by a great guy called Chuck Fadley and it does go beyond simply video for newspapers. Worth signing up for.


    • riahpryor says:

      Thanks Andy, the Yahoo group looks really useful.
      I also just had a peek at your blog- Like the piece about ethics, it’s something a lot of people just give a nod to, so nice to see some detailed discussion on it


  2. James Cuff says:

    A great selection of sites here. Thanks for posting.

    I’d also take a look at


    • riahpryor says:

      Hi James,

      Just had a look at finding the frame- packed with decent footage and well presented- reckon I might have to update this list to be a ‘top 20’.
      I like how the commentary picks up technical aspects aswell, often text about video seems to get wrapped up solely in its content.

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