First look at Virgin Galactic – a work in progress

By mjtasker at flickr


The BBC’s Richard Scott has shown us around the Virgin Galactic spaceship, the first journalist to be allowed inside.

It is very obviously not finished yet – but it would appear that £125,000 (we assume for a return ticket) may not get you a comfortable seat in a spacious cabin. There certainly isn’t room for a trolly dolly to serve nibbles.

This video does show that that the plane, which is going to take members of the public on such a spectacular journey, is actually being made just like a normal plane – in a hanger and there seem to be gym weights acting as ballast. It makes the concept of “outer space” seem quite close.

A good short film which is very informative. This is where I think video reporting has an important role – this simply wouldn’t work as effectively in print.

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