VJ Virgin – this is stressful stuff

by Fantastic Haru's Photostream at flickr

I write having just shot my first footage on a flip camera, uploaded the three videos to youtube and then tweeted them to people – I am so proud!


However, I am also fairly exhausted.

Whilst I appreciate that this is primarily because I am learning how to do all this stuff, I got quite tense as I wanted to get my footage out on the web first. And this was a small scale event – I can now try to imagine the stress that a journalist must experience if they have footage which is truly groundbreaking and they must be the one to break the news.

I am satisfied though, the technology has meant that I can air the views expressed within a few hours (told you I was learning) and the world at large can now see what happened.

After my previous concerns (see other blog posts) about the medium of video in journalism, I can see how it can be useful. Not that I take back any of my previous blogs obviously.

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