Thailand’s Got Talent contestant: another YouTube phenomena

Following the footsteps of Susan Boyle’s glory, Thailands got talent transgender contestant suprises the judges and the audience with her unique voice. Since the video was uploaded on the 14th of March, Bell Nuntita’s performance has received over 3 million views on youtube- and many commenters of the video don’t know whether to address her/he as a “he” or “she”. Oh, I’m confused now.

I think I’m spoiling it for you, I don’t know want to give to much details about it. Watch the video here:

After 10 blog posts about online video journalism, I’ve realised it works the same as print stories. Only those videos with a real human interest get the most amount of hits. I don’t think I’ll ever understand how word of mouth spreads so quickly on the Internet. How I can hear about something thats happened in Thailand, when I’m all the way here in London.

I’ve grasped the fact that online video journalism is useful in the sense that you feel closer to events. You suddenly decide to care more about an issue after you’ve watched it online compared to when you read about the same thing in print.

And also, one thing I’ve realised about myself is that I’m always clicking on videos that have had the most views. I’m never clicking on something that not many people have watched before. I don’t really know why, but I guess because theres so many videos out there- and if so many people are watching what ever it is- then it must be interesting.

One of my first blog posts I wrote for journalism in motion, I remember raising a question- is online video journalism the way forward?

I was convinced that it was when I wrote the blog, and after 10 blog posts… dam it feels good to be right.

Want to get your story out there? Post it on youtube. That’s my advice.

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