VJ apps for your phone

OK, so it’s not strictly online journalism, but close enough. We’ve discussed many times on this blog the content implications of widespread use of smartphones nowadays – it’s helped to spur a wave of citizen journalism and create video stories out of amateur footage that are then picked up by major news.

But a development that tends to be overlooked is that those same devices are having an impact upon the availability and accessability of major news – in particular, rolling news.

Mobiles have been web-enabled for some time now, so it’s long been possible to bring up the Guardian or the Telegraph on your phone – albeit in the ‘mobile site’ format. However, now iPhones or Android phones are bringing rolling news coverage to the world of mobile.

Yesterday, Business Insider posted an interview (in video no less) with Jim Spencer, CEO of Newsy. Their business model is entirely app-focused – they aggregate their content from different sources, and deliver it to mobile devices.

The only limit to these apps’ use are the pesky download limits imposed by mobile firms – and streaming video to your phone can use it up rather quickly…

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