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Broadcasting watchdog to oversee newspapers’ online videos

This is a few days old, but it could shake things up: the body that regulates video on demand intends to start monitoring the online video output of several UK newspapers and magazines, including Sun Video, News of the World … Continue reading

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Ian Tomlinson’s death: a springboard moment for citizen VJ?

The inquest into the death of Ian Tomlinson – who died on his way home from work after he wandered into what had become the G20 riots and was shoved over by a police officer – started today. Paul Lewis … Continue reading

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There’s more to video journalism than point-and-shoot

We at Journalism in Motion have just finished the TV component of our course, and I’ve found that the process of learning how to film and construct a storyline for TV has changed the way I watch TV and video … Continue reading

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Protest footage: a cautionary tale

This video by ITN News of yesterday’s protest marches surprised me, but it illustrates some of the common traps that video journalism often falls into pretty well.

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Video killed the fashion star’s career

It has been a week of unbelievable outbursts (Gadaffi, Charlie Sheen), but this mobile phone video of fashion designer John Galliano drunkenly praising Hitler in a Paris bar has still managed to make headlines across the world. (needless to say, … Continue reading

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Is video set to elbow out newspapers?

Newsnight had a fascinating and (for a print geek like me) faintly depressing debate about the future of newspapers last night featuring a starry panel of newspaper editors, a Google bod and the BBC’s director general Mark Thompson. Watch the … Continue reading

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Who does online video exclude?

Right now Colonel Gadaffi is making a speech and I wish I was streaming it live online, watching it alongside my Twitter stream, Guardian liveblog and all my other multi-tasking, attention-shredding ways of following breaking events.

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