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Careless tweeting costs jobs

The London University¬†academic who posted¬†derogatory comments on Twitter about a TV reporter who was sexually assaulted in Egypt has resigned. Nir Rosen, 33, said CBS’s Lara Logan would “become a martyr and glorified” and was “probably just groped” during an … Continue reading

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A little speculation can be a dangerous thing

When the news first broke of the shooting in Tucson, Arizona on 8th January 2011 which killed 6 people and seriously injured 13 more,including US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, I googled the name of the alleged shooter- Jared Lee Loughner – … Continue reading

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Ongoing coverage of the Egyptian uprisings

The protests and civil disorder in Egypt are continuing into their seventh day. Throughout the whole affair, Al Jazeera’s live coverage has been second to none, with their correspondants continuing to broadcast despite the state apparatus making moves to crack … Continue reading

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