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VJ apps for your phone

OK, so it’s not strictly online journalism, but close enough. We’ve discussed many times on this blog the content implications of widespread use of smartphones nowadays – it’s helped to spur a wave of citizen journalism and create video stories … Continue reading

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Digital segregation: why do publishers not integrate video?

Originally I was going to call this post ‘Digital Apartheid’, but upon reflection, that’s probably a little strongly phrased. It would have made the point though. There seems to be an odd trend I’ve noticed lately whereby website publishers deliberately … Continue reading

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First look at Virgin Galactic – a work in progress

  The BBC’s Richard Scott has shown us around the Virgin Galactic spaceship, the first journalist to be allowed inside. It is very obviously not finished yet – but it would appear that £125,000 (we assume for a return ticket) may not … Continue reading

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VJ training at the BBC

The BBC’s excellent College of Journalism website has a series of posts on the evolving state of journalism in the UK,  many of which go into detail about the many different media with which aspiring journos are expected to be … Continue reading

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Facebook – all talk and no trousers?

I have always been a little confused by Facebook – possibly because I don’t have that many friends in real life and I suspect I would have even fewer in cyberland. However, it seems to be the most powerful force … Continue reading

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VJ as it used to be.

As I was pondering the impact of video journalism on news reporting, I started to recall some of my earliest memories of ground-breaking news. 4th June 1989, the crackdown in Tiananmen Square started in earnest. I was 16 years old … Continue reading

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There’s more to video journalism than point-and-shoot

We at Journalism in Motion have just finished the TV component of our course, and I’ve found that the process of learning how to film and construct a storyline for TV has changed the way I watch TV and video … Continue reading

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