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Daniel Kahl’s YouTube video from Japan

Daniel Kahl, a television reporter in Japan, has posted a youtube video entitled ‘stop the hysteria’, with a message to the international media: It’s an example of how youtube seemingly still holds a distinct position from what many of us … Continue reading

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Japan Tsunami video footage-is citizen footage superseding mainstream media?

The recent coverage of the devastation in Japan has exemplified the role citizen journalism can play – has it also highlighted weaknesses in the mainstream media? I’m thinking primarily of evening news reports, for example last night’s channel 4 news: The programme is … Continue reading

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Video Journalism Coverage of the Japan Quake Disaster

The earthquake and subsequent tsunami that struck Japan on Friday have been brought to life for news consumers all over the world – many of whom will have experienced neither – by the proliferation of video coverage surrounding the disaster. … Continue reading

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video footage of tsunami in Japan

latest videos from Japan, following the massive quake Video taken from youtube-a couple of others are also available

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