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What do you think of online video journalism?

There’s a lot of talk about online journalism as a growing phenomenon- but who is actually using videos to source news? We spoke to fellow bloggers and the public to find out: Jake from Wikileaks and beyond said online video journalism … Continue reading

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Top ten video journalism sites

It’s dawned on me that I may not be the only one with no prior experience video, but an interest in the medium. During my crash-course look at video journalism, I’ve encountered many sites with useful titbits- and others that … Continue reading

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Interview with video journalist – The internet has given video journalism a platform

I seem to have spent a lot of time on this blog talking about video journalism, without having spoken to many professional video journalists. In a bid to rectify this I spoke to Tom Chown, a BBC trained video journalist  … Continue reading

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Interview with VJ Movement- video journalism and international reporting

The other day I mentioned The VJ movement on a blog.  The organisation’s website hosts some pretty impressive videos and brings together work from over 150 video journalists. It’s also based on some worthy objectives including a wish to improve … Continue reading

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What makes good video journalism?

What makes good journalism? Is the sort of question that makes me cringe and try to escape the room. However, I’m intrigued about what makes a good piece of video journalism. Is it just the same old principles of good … Continue reading

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How TV producers can use the Web

Australia’s ABC TV channel hosts an investigative programme called ‘Four Corners‘ each week, and a few weeks back they ran a 45-minute edition examining the treatment to which Bradley Manning, the man accused of the largest leak in history, is … Continue reading

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Video Journalism Coverage of the Japan Quake Disaster

The earthquake and subsequent tsunami that struck Japan on Friday have been brought to life for news consumers all over the world – many of whom will have experienced neither – by the proliferation of video coverage surrounding the disaster. … Continue reading

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